What’s the recruiting process like?

1. Uploading CV/resume;
2. Initial interview;
3. Internet connection testing & System training;
4. Watch the video records of qualified teachers;
5. Demo class;
6. Sign contract;
7. TPR training;
8. Probation performance review;
9. Getting hired!
  • How do I conduct my interview?

    The initial interview will be conducted through skype/Wechat. If you pass the first interview, you will receive a link to your teacher portal and your account. Then, our recruiter
    will help you go through the Internet connection testing and system training.
  • What do I need to prepare for the Internet connection test?

    Connect your computer to the Internet via cable. Please wear a headset with a microphone for connection test. Make sure to conduct the internet connection test in a private and quiet room, where you will teach your online classes.
  • What’s TPR training?

    TPR stands for total physical response. TPR training aims to examine teacher’s teaching style and develop the potential of teacher’s teaching skills, using more body language.
  • Become an online English teacher
    A work-from-home career teaching English online to young learners
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